Monday, June 18, 2007

Feng Shui Pet : Tips for Good Feng Shui Pet

Feng Shui Pet

Feng Shui Pet : Do and Don't for your Good Life

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Feng Shui Bathroom Feng Shui Pet

Animals or Pet have been very meaningful in Chinese principle for very long time ago. We see dragon and swan at the door of Chinese temple. We see tigers at the historical places etc. They all have meaning.

In today's life, Feng Shui can apply to our pet as well. How you treat your pet. How you choose your pet. They are all impating your quality of life.

Feng Shui Pet

Chinese Animal Symbol: What does each animal represent in Chinese belief

Deer : Luck and Wealth
Horse : Recognition
Lion : Authority and Protection
Turtle : Longevity
Elephant : Wisdom
Fish : Success
Bat : Luck

Feng Shui Pet : Do

  • Take good care of your pet
  • Animal cages or sleeping place should be away from eating or cooking area such as kitchen
  • Do provide as natural environment as possible to your pets
  • Eight gold and one black fish are considered the best combination to bring wealth to the house owner.
  • Replace immedietly if they die.

Feng Shui Pet : Don't

  • Do not place the fish to the right of the front door. It's always better at the left.
  • No pet on the furniture
  • Do not let your pet dominate the house, ie. pet accessories everywhere, pet food are much more than yours' on the shelf.

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