Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese Horoscope : Ox

Chinese Horoscope

Ox Horoscope

Ox is the second animal in Chinese Horoscope. Ox is known as a tough animal. It works hard until achieving the target without a single complain.

Ox is a loyal animal. It works for its boss and never be lazy.

Ox is also a smart animal even though it seems slow and not as fast as some other animal such as monkey. The Chinese believe that this is a good characters for the leader. It is calm and very capable to handle hard works and bad situations.

The negative side of Ox people is that sometimes it is too difficult to guess what is he/she thinking. They are being so calm so if you don't know them well you might consider them as unfriendly people or even a bit arrogant.

Therefore, Ox people are one of the best characters and it's an auspicious symbol in Chinese philosophy. If you have friends or boss who were born in Ox month you can say that you are lucky.

Ox is the second animal in "Chinese Horoscope." It represents calm, tough and mysterious.