Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chinese Horoscope :Snake

Chinese Horoscope

Snake Horoscope

Snake is the sixth animal in Chinese Horoscope. Snakes are not social animal. They don’t trust the others so easily so they spend much time to learn someone, both working and personal relationship.

Snake people do not expose their feeling easy. On the other hand, they tend to keep their anger inside and patiently wait for a chance to call a payback from you. You may never even know they are angry with you until you get bitten from the cold-heart snake people.

Some snake people will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, no matter it’s good or not.

The snake can be your good couple somehow. They are smart. They usually understand the situation so well and really know how to react appropriately. Most of all, they have a good financial head. You rarely see poor people were born in snake years.

Snake is the sixth animal in Chinese Horoscope. It represent clever, cautious and tricky.

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