Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chinese Horoscope : Pig

Chinese Horoscope

Pig Horoscope

It is the last animal in Chinese Horoscope. Pig is one of the nicest among the others.

Pig Horoscope people are very kind and friendly.

They are safe to be with. They say and act what they think. They are optimistic, which sometimes can even be “naïve.”

Pig Horoscope people are real social able. They never want to be alone.

They will not be a center of the conversation but they are happy to only be a part of it. In a group of conversation, if you see one person sitting and have main job to only laugh with any jokes the other say let’s guess that’s our nice pig.

However, pig people are slow. They have slow thought. They have slow movement. It can be annoying for fast people to be with the pig all the time.

Pig people can be seen as lazy because of their slow movement, even though they are actually not. They have little ambition and always happy with everything, which is actually good.

Learn from the pig horoscope, if you think your life is too rush or when you feel like carrying the world on your shoulder.

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